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Are You Afraid of Needles?

Published on October 14, 2014 by

If you go to any medical office for a procedure, it is likely that you will encounter a needle at some point. Whether it is a blood test, the numbing of an area, or a vaccine… we have all experienced it.

I personally have no problem with needles, but after a recent visit to my dermatologist for a routine procedure on my ankle, I came to realize how some people develop “needle phobia”, and just how special Dr. Joy and Dr. Tom are when it comes to making sure our patients are comfortable with any treatment rendered.

When I laid on that table at the dermatologist’s office and the nurse gave me that quick shot without warning, it was just brutal. I understand that her reasoning was probably “let’s get it over with quickly”, but that complete lack of compassion, that “point and shoot” approach was a total wake up call and made me relate to a lot of our patients’ stories.

Needle PhobiaWe hear from patients on a regular basis that the needle is the worst part of their appointment. They tense up in the chair just thinking about having to get a shot.

I work by our doctors’ side every day.  I have first hand experience of how comforting they are to the patients, and how respectful of any apprehensions a patient may have.  They are so gentle that the only time you will know they have a needle in their hand is when your cheek feels like it weights 100 pounds as the anesthetic is working its magic.

They have the most delicate way to perform the injection, and I speak from experience both as an assistant to Dr Joy and Dr Tom, and as their patient. I have had to have a few procedures over the years and it was pain and stress free every time.

With the help of breathing techniques, effective distraction skills, and Lavender Oils (for those who are open to it), the doctor will have the area of concern numbed before you know it.

We care about how you feel while you are under our watch. Make sure you share what you have experienced in the past, we will make sure you are heard and comfortable at all time during your visit.

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