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Say Ahh… The Cavity In Healthcare Reform

Welcome to our website and our preview of the movie Say Ahh… The world’s first documentary on oral health and its relationship to the rest of our body.  This enlightening clip features patients, world renowned doctors … (dramatic pause) and a few minor miracles…

We hope you enjoy.

At Rohrer Wellness Center we care about your whole body health, and have the solution to the inflammation problem associated with periodontal disease.  We offer a highly progressive, multifaceted and thoroughly researched protocol for those who choose to participate in our Periodontal Wellness Program, which involves healing of the patient from the inside out  – and then from the outside in.

This includes a nutritional assessment along with scientifically proven supplementation, blood and DNA profiling, as well as the use of a soft tissue laser and detailed home care instruction to comfortably and predictably treat your periodontal condition .

Call today to speak to one of our team members and begin safeguarding your health by participating in our Periodontal Wellness Program.

We hope you enjoyed the preview to Say Ah… The full version is available through our lending library and can be checked out at your convenience.


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